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About the CD-ROM

Nearly 400 pages of fiction, poetry, multimedia, podcasts, even a movie trailer, from some of the finest authors working in Australia today, including:

David P Reiter
Andrew Leggett
Michael Sariban
Sara Moss
Phil Brown
Chris Mansell
Sally Finn
Liam Guilar
Kristin Hannaford
Paul Mitchell
Louise Waller
Joel Deane
Wendy Evans
Liam Ferney
Jenni Nixon
Merle Thornton
Tilly Brasch
Geoffrey Gates
Michael O’Sullivan
Barbara Winter
Michelle Cahill
Paul Dawson
Bill Collopy
Basil Eliades
Libby Hart
Rosemary Huisman
Nigel Turvey
Monique Choy

A crowning celebration of IP’s tenth anniversary year, Rainshadows includes highlights from the 28 authors’ published work from IP but also samples of their current published work.

It’s an excellent anthology from one of Australia’s leading independent presses. It’s an excellent resource for libraries, schools and individuals

The Authors!


ISBN: 9781876819651 (CD-ROM)

RRP: AU$27.50


[Watch this space!]