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Lyli et le Mange-Cailloux (French edition Lyli meets the stone-muncher)

Lyli Meets the Stone-Muncher
Céline Eimann (story & illustrations)
Text adapted by Anna Bartlett

Lyli wants to know what's over the mountains that surround her crowded city. She's not scared of the ferocious Stone-Muncher that is rumoured to live in a tunnel nearby. She doesn't believe in monsters!

But when Lyli sets out on her expedition, she finds a lot more than she bargained for. Were the legends true all along? And what's really over the mountains?

A lively story of friendship, adventure and extending your horizons.

Also available in French and French-English editions in physical and eBook formats.


En parfaite petite fille curieuse, Lyli aimerait bien savoir ce qui se trouve au-delà des montagnes qui encerclent la cité surpeuplée dans laquelle elle grandit.

Elle n’a pas peur du terrible Mange-Cailloux, dont on raconte qu’il vit dans un tunnel tout proche. Elle ne croit pas aux monstres !

Mais lorsque Lyli s’en va à l’aventure, elle trouve bien plus que ce à quoi elle s’attendait. Les légendes étaientelles donc vraies ? Qu’y a-t-il au-delà des montagnes ?

Une aventure entraînante sur l’amitié et comment étendre ses horizons...





ISBN 9781921479991 (English; HB / PB via print-on-demand); 37pp; 216mm x 280mm

Lyli Meets the Stone-Muncher

Children's picture book

(PB or HB)

AU $26 (HB) / $18 (PB) US
$28 (HB)/ $20 (PB)
GB £12 (PB) €14 (PB only)

ISBN 9781921869228 (French PB)

Lyli et le Mange-Cailloux

AU $18 US
CA $18 GB £12 €14

ISBN 9781921869242 (French-English PB)

Lyli Meets the Stone-Muncher / Lyli et le Mange-Cailloux

AU $18 US
GB £12 €14

ISBN 9781921869006  (English eBk)

Lyli Meets the Stone-Muncher

eBook versions AU
US $8 NZ
GB £6 €7

ISBN 9781921869235  (French eBk)

Lyli et le Mange-Cailloux

ISBN 9781921869259  (French-English eBk)

Lyli Meets the Stone-Muncher / Lyli et le Mange-Cailloux



"Children are naturally inquisitive and it is this inquisitiveness that motivates Lyli to search for a hidden, secret tunnel through the mountain to find out what lies on the other side.

When Lyli and her cat, Tyki go exploring and stumble on the entrance to the tunnel they are not sure what to expect. Legend says that the Green Stone-Muncher that will gobble up anything, created the secret tunnel.

However, when the child and the monster meet they are both in for a surprise. Monsters are usually portrayed in children’s books as scary creatures but in this one the monster is definitely friendly and helpful. Fear turns to friendship and as a result everyone in the town benefits, as does the monster.

As the narrative unfolds, the beautiful watercolour illustrations combined with collage connect the reader with the changing setting and Lyli’s emotions. The visual representation of the monster is particularly interesting as is the contrast of dark and pastel shades to accentuate the changing emotions and settings.

This gentle story is about inquisitiveness, adventure and friendship."

– Margaret Warner, Buzz Words

"Celine has given this story a real fable feel; even though it is brand new, it seems like something you might have read as a child.

In the fantasy land of Motika the city is surrounded by dense crystal mountain ranges which are impenetrable.  This means the city is highly concentrated and buildings are tall with little space to spare. 

Lyli longs to explore the other side of the ranges, even with tales of a scary creature with a ravenous appetite. Undeterred, she sets off to find a secret tunnel. Things are not always as they are portrayed in stories, as Lyli finds out when she comes face to face with the Stone-Muncher.

The illustrations are unique and unusual with a combination of collage, pencil and other media.  I believe Lyli Meets the Stone-Muncher would be appealing to young girls in particular who have an interest in fairy tales, and those with the creativity to create their own fantasy land inspired by Celine Eimann could find themselves busily creating.

A little hero for fable lovers."

– Angela Hall, Bug in a Book



Céline Eimann

Céline Eimann is a Swiss-born artist who, after almost five years based in Australia, recently made the move back to the chocolate country.

She studied fine art and visual communications design, and is now writing and illustrating children's stories. She is the illustrator of The Sky Dreamer, also published by IP Kidz, which has been supported by the Australian Council.


Celine Eimann est une artiste suisse qui, après près de cinq ans basées en Australie, est revenue vivre au pays du chocolat. Elle a étudié beaux-arts et design de communication visuelle, et est en train d'écrire et d'illustrer des histoires pour enfants. Elle est l'illustratrice du The Sky Dreamer, aussi publié par IP Kidz, un projet soutenu par le Conseil d'Australie.


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