Uranus 1/3


Miranda Personified

When the magic wears off, you’re left with nothing but rocks and ice. South Sea islands and shipwrecks attract few moguls these days, and when you take off your clothes to lie spread-eagled in the sand, it’s always some Caliban who creeps up to service you. Forget what Ariel whispered in your ear: all the passion comes before marriage.

What’s left to explore once every part of your body has been pierced with gold? You dream in designer drugs now, the more expensive the better. You exploded to the core once, but learned your lesson – have Photoshop, will travel.

You’re three hundred miles across now… and counting.

Lennie Goes to War

Every American boy thinks he can be President. But growing up means changing others before they change you.

After I learned to dodge bullets, I knew I was destined to go higher. An afternoon spent in the slush of Auschwitz made me dream in maggots.

Back home, the confetti was mine, even if I had to walk while others rode. Ours were interest-free days back then, and I was happy enough to spend my credit.

I’d noticed Eileen when she was only thirteen. She was a stunner with that smile. So I took her, even at sixteen. Didn’t I have it coming?

We did it in the back of my brother’s ‘39 Pontiac, and I can still remember the smell of the seats as we gasped afterwards. Perhaps I wasn’t the first to spill there.

I told her I loved her, and she kissed me long and hard, though she must have known it was a lie.

‘What’ll we do about it then?’ she asked, buttoning up.

‘Get married, I suppose,’ I said, looking down at my dick, still too swollen to fit in my shorts.

You say something like that, something that will change your life so completely, in a instant when your mind is off-guard.

With no thought of Juno’s hot breath.