Jupiter 1/3


Settling the Score

I really don’t know what all the fuss is about. Just because you live on a solid,you think Earth is the center of the universe. Well. You are nothing more than a speck to me, even when I am in stalemate with the Sun, my only rival in this solar system. I have storms that have lasted longer than your species.

I have fathered every myth of importance – and then some. But why should I partner with mortals about celestial design? I will bury all of your memories. Certainly long after the smudge you have made of your temperate corner is long forgotten.

You make a big deal of war, as if other beings should give a jot about your push button deities. You kill, kill, kill to feed these daydreams and earn no thanks for your trouble. It’s the price you pay for being American, a solitary flag-bearer to freedom.

The faster you spin out of control, the happier I am to let you blur into the stars.

Jupiter Man

After you imploded
After you abandoned me
I called you Jupiter, bringer of joy
And sang to you across the arid sky.

But the echoes I heard
Were my own refrains

Your translucent heart
cloudy eyes
tangled cocoon

In your parallel universe
You still care
But I can’t reach your harmony

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