Earth Talk

It’s a lot to ask of a minor planet. It wasn’t my choice to be a safe house for life in all of its fits and starts. I’d prefer to be alone, and some day I still hope to be. I conjure up storms, floods, plagues – even asteroids – but no one packs their bags. If only their priests spoke a single language, they could hear their fate ticking away.

Orphans, children in detention? Yes, I feel sorry for them. But poverty is a state of mind, and I have seen those who have known ecstasy from an extra crust tossed at their feet. Pure science and art are an act of ego not family. So be grateful for friction and get on with your future!

Her Payload

They placed a screen of blue linen between her and the rest of her.

She tried to hold back. Defy gravity. But the word push stung at her until.

Then the cry for breath. She clenched her eyes but couldn’t shut it out. Something behind the screen had drained into a soil of loss.

A tame rocket, she’d delivered her payload.

We’ll take it from here whispered the surgical gloves.

Where’s the blood – the suds – she wondered?