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The more you've published, the better your chances of getting published again. Publishers look for a proven track record, and IP is no exception.

That's not to say that your work might not be brilliant — or even publishable — if you haven't tried to publish individual pieces in the obvious places. But your chances of success with a credible publisher are, bluntly, one-in-a-million. Most authors need to go through an apprenticeship, which includes the painstaking work of sending off work to magazines and newspapers and waiting for acceptances. Gradually, when your work is good enough, you'll build up a track record. You'll have found an audience, which means your writing has commercial potential. That's the language publishers understand.

Rather than set yourself up to be disappointed, it's better to earn a list of publications in the better magazines, etc, before you try us — or any publisher worth their salt.

What Kinds of Authors Do We Publish?

We're open to submissions from established or emerging authors.

We consider novels, novellas, short fiction collections, creative non-fiction and all forms of poetry. We prefer writing that has a literary flair and content and style that will appeal to a wide audience. That includes fantasy and sci-fi. We also have a growing list of academic and professional titles.

Why Does IP Charge Fees?

We'd prefer not to, but in the current climate, we can no longer afford to cover the high costs of reviewing and assessing unsolicited submissions. So we have an initial reading fee of AU$88. Further fees may apply if we judge your work as promising but in need of further development to make it publishable.

The good news is we'll respond to your submission personally rather than with a form letter. If your work isn't ready for publication, we'll tell you why and suggest, in broad terms, how you might improve it. You'll then have the chance to revise and resubmit to us, or work with us to get it to the next level.

Is IP a "Vanity Publisher"?

Emphatically no. Like conventional publishers, we expect you to "pitch" your work to us in a professional manner (see below). As a green and ethical enterprise, we offer publication only to work that is ready. If your work is unpublishable in our opinion, we'll tell you. If it shows promise but needs work to lift it to publishable standard, we'll offer you a suite of services to get it there.

In short, IP is a hybrid publisher, ready to embrace brilliant work whenever it appears, prepared to say no to work that isn't for us, happy to support select authors on projects that may have a market.

What Kinds of Contracts Does IP Offer?

For a select few manuscripts, we offer royalty contracts where the author is paid a set percentage of the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of their title or a percentage of Net Revenue, depending on where the title is sold. Your percentage compensation will be higher for digital sales if you share in our cost of preparing your title for eBook publication.

We also offer Assisted Publication to promising manuscripts, with contracts that offer a higher share of revenue (up to 50% Net) in exchange for subsidised fees to cover services that include assessment, editorial, design, production, marketing and distribution.

What Should You Submit?

Send us a package that contains:
• a biography with specifics about your publishing credentials
• a concise synopsis of your project (1-2 pages)
• who the book is written for (your audience/s)
• what form of publication you are interested in (print or digital or both)
• a representative sample, ~ 5% of the project
• your complete contact details, including phone, fax, email
• the initial reading fee (see below for exemptions)
• a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE), if you send us hard copies of your submission.

If possible, send this package to us as an email (Word or Pages, preferred) attachment. IP is a green publisher, so we do our best to minimise our carbon footprint.

The application fee of AU$88 for Australian residents or AU$80 is required for authors living overseas, with some exceptions. We waive the initial fee for authors coming to us via recognised agents, or for authors who have published a book with a national commercial (not vanity) publisher. Query us if you're in doubt. If you are a full-time student or hold a federal concession card (proof required with your submission), we can discount the fee to $66 / $60. We'll send you an invoice with instructions on how to pay us by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) in your chosen currency (we accept US$, CA$, NZ$s, with direct deposits available to our bank accounts in those countries. We can also send you a PayPal invoice for credit card or bank account debit (a 2-3% surcharge applies).

Note that we cannot respond to or return physical submissions unless you enclose an SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) or include a valid email address.

When Can You Expect to Hear From Us?

No news is not necessarily good news, but it may be. We try to get back to authors within six weeks. Few manuscripts that we receive are accepted without substantial changes. Others may be promising but not good enough that we can make an offer of publication at that stage. If we suggest that you get work your formally assessed by us or by another reputable assessment service, be encouraged. Remember that at least 95% of the submissions we receive are simply rejected.

For further information on how we review submissions, please click through to the IP Rolling Picks page.

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Updated 1 July 2015