This is a polished collection of well-constructed, lively short stories, brought to life by skilfully developed characters and their amusing banter.

Morag Kobez-Halvorson

The stories have an intrinsically Australian character with wide appeal. The author sometimes gives you a wink at the end to leave a smile on your face. While there are serious and heart-rending moments, I found myself laughing aloud on many occasions, a great tonic for our troubled times.

Sara Moss


This lively collection of short stories covers a diverse range of categories, including historical fiction as in ‘The Diggings Are Silent’, contemporary humour as in ‘Tell It To The Marines’, and gothic fantasy as in ‘The Boy’.

All stories are highly original and succeed in amusing or shocking the reader. There is more than a hint of larrikinism permeating the pages especially in the historical tales. The contemporary stories highlight modern foibles while the fantasy stories are confidently written with a strong touch of black humour.

All stories merge to form a unique reading experience reflecting a highly individual author.

Because of the diversity of the stories in this collection, it will appeal to fans of historical, humorous and fantasy titles. It is very Australian in flavour and has an earthy quality that is sure to win many admirers.


Wendy Evans has been many things in her multi-dimentional career: English, Art and Drama teacher; geologist; drama script-writer and producer; song-writer; landscape Artist; journalist; ministerial policy advisor; and hospital PR officer.

This wonderful diversity of life experiences is reflected in the various themes in The Diggings Are Silent and Other Australian Stories. Wendy lives in Fremantle in West Australia and devotes herself to ‘writing publishable novels’.

The Diggings Are Silent CD is the result of an exciting collaboration between singer/composer Alan Ferguson and Wendy Evans, who wrote the story that inspired the music on this CD.

The Diggings penetrates to the heart of miners and mining settlements in the sparsely settled Pilbara region of Western Australia, capturing the time and place with a warmth and empathy that will linger in your mind long after its haunting words and final chords have sounded.

The music on this CD is very Australian in flavour and has a lyrical and foot-stomping quality that is sure to win many admirers.


Alan Ferguson breathed in Celtic air and music from his youth in Scotland and came to Australia intent on learning all he could about his adopted country, its people and its ways.

He was the founding member of several bands that played a breadth of Australian-Irish-Scottish music in which he played a range of instruments from keyboard to drums, strings and pipes.

But his voice is his greatest instrument, inspiring devotion from all who hear him.


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