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Think you have what takes to run a Pro Series workshop or be a Pro Series mentor? Why not apply to be a Pro Series Pro?

At this stage, we are encouraging expressions of interest from experts with a proven record of teaching and a glowing list of publications.

The first step is for you to send us your resumé, which must include a minimum of two references commenting specifically on your teaching ability. We also need a statement of your methodology/philosophy in running workshops or acting as a mentor. If you want to run workshops for us, you should also include two or three proposed full or half day workshops described in promotional rather than academic language, and a list, in point form, of key topics you would cover during the workshops. Finally, the approximate times in 2007 and 2008 when you would be available in Brisbane for physical workshops.

Compensation? Yes, we knew you’d want to know about that!

All of our workshops and master classes need a minimum enrolment of six people to run. The following payments will apply for full-day workshops:

6-10 enrolments: AU$500
11-15 enrolments: AU$700
16-19 enrolments: AU$900
20+ enrolments: AU$1100

Fees for half-day workshops:

6-10 enrolments: AU$260
11-15 enrolments: AU$360
16-19 enrolments: AU$460
20+ enrolments: AU$560

Fees for two-hour workshops:

6-10 enrolments: AU$140
11-15 enrolments: AU$190
16-19 enrolments: AU$240
20+ enrolments: AU$290

For master classes we’ll pay a flat fee of AU$500 (maximum enrolment is 6).

For mentorships, we pay AU$700 for the first 10 hours of mentoring, then AU$335 per five hour block thereafter.

Tutors are responsible for any expenses they incur. All of the fees above are subject to review. If you are registered for GST, and provide us the necessary paperwork, we will top up the fees we owe you by 10%.

We are keen to mount virtual workshops and podcasts as well. If you are interested in having us offer your workshop via download or on CD, please let us know. We’ll discuss the best mode of delivery with you in advance and then pay you a royalty of 10% of revenue we receive, semi-annually. If you team-teach the workshop and all tutors agree to having the workshop repackaged for virtual presentation, you will receive 10% divided by the number of tutors.

Please note that virtual workshops can be adapted from physical workshops or prepared and marketed as standalone workshops.

Virtual workshops and podcasts will be delivered via protected pdf or Quicktime files, and IP will take all due care to ensure purchasers are aware of the copyright provisions that apply, but we cannot guarantee the work against pirating. We’ll share the risk of any potential loss in royalties.


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